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Deluxe Original Vodka™


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Unique vodka based on the purest water. One of a kind, naturally perfect.

Deluxe Original Vodka™, due to its exceptional taste and unique production process, is an ultra premium product. Exclusive black bottle, cork closure and Belarusian roots underline the uniqueness of the vodka.


Glacial Water | Purest water on earth


An indispensable ingredient of every Deluxe Crystal Vodka. Perfectly balanced, legendary taste. Just as the world was created.
This water is the beginning. The beginning of everything. 
We made sure to extract the true essence from it.
The best in every drop.
Purest tasting water. 
No one has ever used it to create alcohol before.
Water from the glacier – imported to us at freezing temperature,
distributed in every bottle of our vodka.

Master essence | 5-fold filtration

#1 Step

The first phase of filtration. Activated charcoal as a natural water filter. 

#2 Step

Second is crystal and amber. Their alliance enhances purity.

#3 Step

Third stage and our game changer. 24k gold and real diamonds.

To be sure, the last two steps are repeated twice

Deluxe Original Vodka™  is one of the few subjected to a seven-time distillation process, and the three-time, unique filtration process through silver filters, quartz and gold crystals deserves particular attention. The uniqueness of Deluxe Original Vodka™ is also evidenced by a proprietary recipe patented years ago by Belarusian dignitaries, which makes Deluxe Original Vodka™  successfully compete among the best vodkas in the world.

Deluxe Original Vodka™ is a vodka for connoisseurs with exquisite palates. Some of them are surprised when they try our vodka. “I never drunk anything like this”, they say.

The design is also interesting – the black matt coating of the bottle and noble golden accents give the feeling of communing with an exclusive product.