Deluxe Crystal Vodka™

a unique vodka based on the purest alkaline water. One of a kind, naturally perfect.

Deluxe Crystal Vodka™ – a unique vodka based on the purest alkaline water. One of a kind, naturally perfect. By reaching for it, you negate compromises. You become a unique consumer aware that the highest quality means determination in the pursuit of perfection. Our brand is a tradition since AD 1746. It is an original and patented recipe combined with a modern production cycle.

In the beginning there was water.
In Crystal Vodka™ world, it is “living water” – an ionized liquid coming from the glacier, which is known for its beneficial effect on the human body. Its pH is 7.6 and its bioavailability is incomparably higher than that of ordinary water. Inside matters, and water obtained from glacier is the basis of every Crystal Vodka™

320 Є  409,20  Є  

Deluxe Crystal Vodka™ is based on selected ingredients of wheat and rye cereals. Their combination creates a soft, delicate taste with a subtly perceptible malt. To emphasize the elite character of the vodka, we distill it 10 times. Then we go to five-fold filtration, for which we use silver and dust-free activated carbon derived from coconut shells. The second stage of filtration is an alliance of quartz crystals and amber granules. The third – the most important of them – is the filling of the filtering columns with real 24-carat gold and diamond particles. Our overriding product goal was the flawless purity of the vodka, which is why we repeat the last two filtration processes twice. Patience is power. To obtain the desired result, each filtration process must last 2 years.  The mission in creating Deluxe Crystal Vodka™ is to constantly strive for perfection. It is an exclusive brand, as evidenced by its every production process and the quality of the ingredients used. After many years of research and investment in technology, we have created a visionary approach to the process of creating our vodka. We have created a unique product – available to an elite recipient. Deluxe Crystal Vodka™ is quality without compromise. It is a mastery of creation and the power of quality unprecedented in any vodka. It’s a taste revolution. Get to know it better.